British Airways #BA919 struck by lightning, diverted to London Gatwick

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A British Airways flight was struck by lightning on its way into Heathrow Airport forcing the flight to be diverted to Gatwick.

British Airways flight #BA919 from Stuttgart to London Heathrow was forced to divert to Gatwick after it was hit by a lightning bolt.

The Airbus A320 (registration G-EUYM) departed Stuttgart Sunday, July 7 2024 in the afternoon with some passengers returning from Euro 2024 matches in Germany.

While on approach to the runway 27R of London Heathrow, the A320 was struck by lightning at around 3,500 ft.

The crew took the decision to go around and climbed to 8,000 ft before diverting to Gatwick Airport.

BA919 diverted to Gatwick earlier this afternoon due to weather related conditions in the region. The flight landed just before 2pm. Customers were driven from Gatwick to Heathrow.

British Airways statement

A number of flights have been reportedly hit by lightning in the area Sunday.

A passenger on a different flight to Heathrow said: “Just got struck by lightning on the approach into Heathrow. It entered just underneath the flight deck and left the tail – we saw it shoot through the cabin. 

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