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Ryanair’s plane covered in volcanic ash stuck at Sicily’s Catania airport

Flights disrupted in Sicily due to Mount Etna’s ash cloud.

Sicily’s Catania airport has suspended all flights after ash from erupting Mount Etna covered the runways.

  • UPDATE Catania airport has resumed normal flight operations.

The ash fall-out could pose serious threats to aviation, reducing visibility and damaging flight controls, causing engines to fail. The eruption threw black volcanic ash onto planes at the airport, while roads surrounding the area have been blanketed with the ash.

A Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800 has be seen covered in volcanic ash.

Flight disruptions caused by ash from Mount Etna are outside of the control of airlines so it is unlikely that passengers would be entitled to compensation for any delays and cancellations arising from these.

According to the observatory, the eruption phase has ended, but another phase could begin at any time.

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