VIDEO Lightning on airbus approach (4K)

Thunderstorms rolled across the BHX area on 5 August 2017, causing disruption to incoming flights. One that made it through despite the nearby electric displays was Monarch ZB5481 from Venice, shown here. This flight is also on Ryan Kirkpatrick’s video of these storms taken from within the airport site (at 8min 52secs).

ALERT ANA Boeing 777 #JA703A made emergency landing at Haneda Airport due to pressurisation issue

A Nippon Airways aircraft heading for Osaka airport had to return to Haneda airport due to air pressure issue. ANA37のアナウンス動画でもどうぞ — 鱚®︎です。 (@taratarakiss) August 12, 2017 On August 12 at 6:30 pm, All Nippon Airways flight #JA703A that was heading to Osaka Airport from Haneda Airport, when an alarm triggered an issue about “pressurized” abnormal…