A man tried to urinate on a female passenger, upgraded to business class, on an Emirates flight

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A woman’s recent flight in Emirates’ business class was ruined after another passenger “looked like he was going to urinate” on her.

The anonymous traveller told The Daily Telegraph that a man onboard approached her seat while undoing his trousers.

Speaking to Katie Morley, the publication’s ‘consumer champion’, the woman claimed the man repeatedly “drunkenly approached my seat and wanted to sit down, convinced it was his”.

“It happened a third time, and this time as he approached me he undid his trousers and it looked like he was going to urinate at my seat. My husband had to push him away,” she said.

The aggrieved woman said she had used 108,000 airmiles to upgrade to business class on the 13-hour flight from Dubai to Sydney to visit her daughter in Sydney.

She and her husband quickly became aware of a “rowdy group” on the flight, with the man who approached her seat apparently having “already urinated on his own seat”.

“This man totally ruined our business class journey and I got absolutely no sleep whatsoever because I was terrified that if I shut my eyes he would come back and relieve himself on me,” she said.

“A report was completed on board regarding the incident, and I was told Emirates would be in touch. I contacted Emirates and requested an upgrade for the same leg of the return journey, or reimbursement of the 108,000 miles.

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