A near miss occurred between a Boeing 737 and Airbus A321 at Seoul’s Gimpo Airport

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A Korean Air Boeing 737 almost collided with a departing Air Busan A321 at Seoul’s Gimpo Airport.

On the 21st, at around 8:00 am on the 19th, the Korean Air flight #KE1118 aircraft landed on the runway of Gimpo Airport while an Air Busan BX8027 was preparing for takeoff.

The Korean Air Boeing 737-900 (reg. HL7727) performing flight #KE1118 from Jeju landed on rwy 32L at Seoul-Gimpo in South Korea, then almost crossed runway 23R while an Air Busan Airbus 321 (reg. HL7210) performing flight #BX8027 to Jeju.

The Korean Air aircraft failed to hold in taxiway “E1” before the runway.

Fortunately, the Airbus A321 took off ahead of the “E1” intersection.

A user tweeted, “Korean Air KE1118, which has just landed, has to wait for Air Busan BX8027 to take off, but Air Busan barely took off over Korean Air’s head due to the runway invasion,” and claimed, “a very large life-threatening accident almost happened.”

Through multiple media, Korean Air refuted that there was no dangerous situation as the SNS post said, “It is true that it passed the waiting line about 70 meters from the runway and stopped, but it did not invade the take-off runway.”

On the other hand, Air Busan said, “The Korean Air aircraft almost crossed the runway with normal take-off permission,” and said, “The captain’s judgment prevented the accident.”

The authorities are investigating this serious incident.

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