BREAKING A Tibet Airlines A319 caught fire on takeoff

A Tibet Airlines A319 aborted takeoff then veered off the runway. All 113 passengers & 9 crew of #TV9833 have been evacuated. Tibet Airlines TV9833/A319/B-6425 from Chongqing to Nyingchi was on fire during take-off this morning, details still not known. CKG/ZUCK closed for now. — FATIII Aviation (@FATIIIAviation) May 12, 2022

INCIDENT 12 passengers and 3 cabin crew members seriously injured onboard SpiceJet #SG945 due to severe turbulence

At least 40 people on board a SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Durgapur in West Bengal Sunday suffered injuries, with 12 of them being seriously hurt The Boeing 737-800 plane encountered severe turbulence during its descent. India’s aviation safety regulator — the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) — has deployed a multi-disciplinary team to…