BREAKING Bomb threat against SAS flights #SK4745 from Olso and #SK2591 from Stockholm to Brussels

Federal prosecutor’s office communicated that the threat at Brussels Airport is very serious, hence the deployment. Reload the page for updates. UPDATE 1839UTC Disaster plan lifted at Brussels Zaventem Airport after bomb alerts. UPDATE 1824UTC All passengers of both flights deplaned. UPDATE 1814UTC Bomb threats were against SAS flight SK4745 from Olso and SAS flight SK2591 from Stockholm inbound…

BREAKING easyJet #U27688 from Basel to Lisbon is declaring an emergency. Live:

Easyjet flight U27688 Airbus A320 from Basel to Lisbon declared an emergency. Reload the page for updates… UPDATE 2113UTC Easyjet flight U27688 diverted to Toulouse due to a technical issue. UPDATE 2021UTC Easyjet flight U27688 safely landed runway 32L in Toulouse. UPDATE 2015UTC Easyjet flight U27688 starting final approach to Toulouse. UPDATE 2004UTC Easyjet flight U27688 is diverting to Toulouse.