BREAKING A Westjet aircraft has just skidded off runway during landing at Halifax Stanfield Airport

Westjet Boeing 737-800 performing flight #WS248 from Toronto has suffered a runway excursion at Halifax Stanfield Airport. UPDATE The airport operations are not stopped. The aircraft was landing on runway 14 in snowy conditions. You can also watch the webcam live at Busses are en route to transport the 178 passengers back to the terminal.

BREAKING 151 passengers of Air Asia A320 to Kuala Lumpur were evacuated via emergency slides

AirAsia flight #AK9327 returned to land back at Langkawi, Malaysia. An evacuation was carried out on the apron. An AirAsia flight #AK9327 had to turn around and land shortly after leaving Langkawi International Airport (LTAL) when it encountered technical problems. However, 151 passengers and five crew members were safe and no casualties were reported. The…