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UPDATE Russia opens case for “violation of rules of flights and preparation for them”

UPDATE The FAA gave mandatory repair order for angle of attack indicator on the A321 via MSNBC’s aviation analyst John Cox.

UPDATE Russian passenger jet wreckage found in area where Egyptian forces are fighting an Islamic militant insurgency

UPDATE Aviation expert on MSNBC saying A321 has history of moving rudder/tail without pilot input.

BREAKING At least five children have been found dead at the crash scene of the Russian plane

UPDATE Russian President Putin offers condolences to the families of the plane crash victims on flight 7K9268

UPDATE All passengers on Sinai crash plane were Russians, Egyptian officials say, as President Putin orders investigation

BREAKING Sky News Breaking announces that Officers at the plane crash site say voices of trapped passengers could be heard

BREAKING Egyptian authorities say technical faults caused the plane crash in Sinai, Egypt 

UPDATE Egypt’s prime minister and other ministers are flying to the site of the plane crash on a private jet

UPDATE Airbus say they are to release a statement later today on this news of their A321 crash

UPDATE Metrojet A321 departed at 5.51am local time and has disappeared from radar screens 23 minutes after take off, MENA reported.

UPDATE Egyptian Authorities quick to confirm that the plane was “definitely” not shot down

BREAKING The Egypt Ministry of Civil Aviation confirms crash of Russian jetliner in Sinai

UPDATE Egypt officials: 45 ambulances have been sent to Sinai where the crashed jet is located.

BREAKING Reuters News says a rescue team has located the plane in Sinai in Egypt and an officer at scene says the plane is completely destroyed & most on board are likely to have died

UPDATE The captain of flight #7K9268 told Egyptian Air Traffic Control after departure of the A321 that technical fault had risen and had requested a route change.
UPDATE Flight #7K9268 was descending with about 6000 feet per minute just before signal was lost (FlightRadar24).
UPDATE Russia’s RIA News Agency report: The crashed plane in Egypt believed to be carrying 224 passengers and crew; plane is an Airbus A-321 operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia, 
UPDATE The Egyptian government is holding a crisis meeting.
UPDATE FlightRadar24 lost coverage of flight 7K9268 from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg
UPDATE Sources have said the passenger plane was mainly carrying Russian tourists and that a search was underway.
BREAKING Sky News Arabia says that an aircraft was reportedly carrying 212 people from Sharm El-Sheikh to Russia. Shortly after take off, Egyptian air traffic control lost all contact with the passenger plane.

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