INCIDENT Two Airbus A330s collided on ground at Tokyo Haneda Airport

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Japan’s transport ministry says two passenger jets appear to have collided near a taxiway at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Saturday.

Winglet of the wing of the Thai Airways plane looks to be broken and what appears to be fragments can be seen near the runway.

Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 (reg. HS-TEO) and Eva Air Airbus A330-300 (reg. B-16340) clipped wings when Thai flight #TG683 for Bangkok taxied alongside stationary flight #BR189 for Taipei before line-up on runway 16R at Tokyo-Haneda Airport, Japan.

The Tokyo airport office has sent officials to the site to investigate.

The runway near the site of the accident has been closed.

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways say some of their domestic and international flights have been delayed.

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