EMERGENCY Loganair flight #BE6975 to Manchester declared an emergency due to pressurisation warning

BREAKING Flybe #BE6975 from Inverness to Manchester is declaring an emergency. Live: https://t.co/Ujl9thvCIj pic.twitter.com/a8DR8xDUcZ — AIRLIVE (@airlivenet) February 19, 2016 An emergency was declared yesterday on a Loganair flight from Inverness with 48 passengers on board. The Saab 2000 aircraft left Inverness Airport at about 2.50pm yesterday. A spokesman for Loganair said: “Flight BE6975 travelling…

EMERGENCY Lion Air Boeing 737-900 stops with nosehweel in the grass at Surabaya (Indonesia)

Lion Air Boeing 737-900 flight #JT263from Balikpapan landed at Surabaya Airport in the morning and stopped with nosehweel in the grass. Alert: Daftar penerbangan yang dialihkan akibat insiden LNI263 di Surabaya https://t.co/2RKCDWmg58 pic.twitter.com/6RdImugKdr — Gerry Soejatman (@GerryS) February 20, 2016 Surabaya Airport was closed until 0830 UTC (1530 Local Time). All incoming flights have been diverted.