Here is the crater produced under the launch pad of the Starship spacecraft

Here is the crater produced under the Launch Pad following Starship’s launch on Thursday.

The Crater produced under the Launch Pad of Starship spacecraft was due to the 33 Raptor engines of the Super Heavy booster that can produce more than 16 million pounds of thrust , but 7 of them were not firing (can be seen as dark) at that moment.

The Super Heavy booster is powered by 33 Raptor engines, 13 in the center & 20 in the perimeter.

Flying chunks of concrete, twisted metal sheets even damaged the nearby tankers.

Repairing the damage from Thursday’s unmanned test flight is expected to take months, potentially delaying further launch attempts and slowing the development of a rocket NASA plans to use on its upcoming Moon missions.

The biggest and most powerful rocket ever built launched by SpaceX on April 20, Vehicle followed a nominal flight path, but Starship Super Heavy experienced an anomaly before stage separation.

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