Watch launch of JUICE space probe on its 8-year journey to Jupiter

Watch launch of Europe’s first-ever Jupiter space probe.

On April 13, 2023 at 09:15 a.m. local time (12:15 p.m. UTC), Arianespace’s next Ariane 5 mission will lift off from Europe’s Spaceport, French Guiana, with the JUICE space probe.

JUICE will carry the most powerful scientific payload ever flown to the outer Solar System. It consists of 10 state-of-the-art instruments plus one science experiment that uses the spacecraft telecommunication system with ground-based radio telescopes.

After an 8-year cruise toward Jupiter, which includes gravitational assists from Earth and Venus, the spacecraft will enter orbit around the giant planet in 2031.

The space probe will make detailed observations of the giant gas planet and its three large ocean-bearing moons: Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. JUICE will characterize these moons as both planetary objects and possible habitats, explore Jupiter’s complex environment in depth, and study the wider Jupiter system as an archetype for gas giants across the Universe.

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