The WSM-225 Airband magnetic Whip For successful air band monitoring from a vehicle, you need an external antenna. You also need one that offers broad band performance in order to cover both the civil and military bands. The WSM-225 provides this and more. It comes with 2.75m of coax cable terminated with a BNC plug and the base of the antenna is fitted with a strong micro size magnet. Total length of the whip section is 72.5cm. Simply place it on top of the roof of your car (must be steel) and plug the far end into your receiver using the BNC plug.

Then hear the difference.* 108 – 137 MHz & 225 – 400 MHz,* 5dB gain over VHF helical * 8dB gain over UHF helical, WORKS WITH ,ICOM IC-R2500, IC-PCR1500, IC-PCR2500, SCANNER, AR-108 Air band Scanner COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER AOR-8600,AOR AR-8600,AOR-3000 IC-R20,PSR-295.


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