Increasingly rare: a passenger Boeing 747 has landed at Heathrow, a first since 8 months

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D-ABVT - this aircraft is operating flights between Frankfurt and Berlin.Photo by tangoecho787

Becoming rare, a commercial Super jumbo has landed at London Heathrow, a first since July 2023.

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 26 2024, an unusual visitor landed in London Heathrow following a diversion.

The Lufthansa flight LH463 from Miami departed Monday, March 25 2024 at 18:15 EDT for a 8 hour-flight to Frankfurt.

The flight was operated by a Boeing 747-8 (registration D-ABYG) which was delivered to the airline in 2013.

But while cruising at 29,000ft, the crew requested a diversion to Dublin Airport, then finally switched to London Heathrow due to a medical emergency.

The aircraft landed on runway 09L shortly before 6am local time and left Heathrow 2 hours later from runway 09R.

This short visit marks the increasingly rare opportunity to watch a passenger Boeing 747 at London Heathrow after the last super jumbo left British Airways fleet in April 2020.

According to Cirium, this is one of the 53 passenger Boeing 747s still in service.

The last visit of a commercial Boeing 747 at London Heathrow was another Lufthansa’s aircraft (registration D-ABVZ) back on Saturday, July 8 2023 as noticed by M Zulqarnain B.

The opportunity was already a diversion on flight LH471 from Toronto.

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