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Two French Legends of the Sky.

The BUGATTI Chiron Sport ‘Les Légendes du Ciel’ and the Dassault Rafale Marine come together to celebrate French pioneering and passion for over a century.

It were the French who were the driving forces in motor sports racing as well as flying at the beginning of the 20th century. And some of the greatest French pilots of that time also became legends on the Grand Prix courses in their Bugattis.

When BUGATTI honored them with the special edition CHIRON Sport ‘Les Légendes du Ciel’, it was self-evident for French navy pilot Etienne Bauer to revive this unique connection and set up an ultimate high-octane rendezvous between France’s two masterpieces of engineering to unleash their power: 1,500 PS versus 58,550 newtons of thrust (5,727 PS).

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