8 Best Aviation Schools Worldwide

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The sky has always tempted people. They wanted to fly, and when technology had made it possible, lots of young people chose Military and Civil Aviation as their career.

However, this path is not a perfect fit for everyone. It is pretty difficult to manage theoretical and practical classes when you study at an aviation school. The workload is immense, and so are the requirements for physical endurance, stress resistance.

Writers from Essay Pro all confirm that the academic burden of aviation students is no less than in other fields. Yet, if you look up in the sky with admiration, the following article will help you choose the best aviation school for your future endeavors.

Purdue University

A private university founded by businessman John Purdue in 1896 can boast as one of the most recognized schools of aviation in the world. Its full name is the Purdue Polytechnic School of Aviation and Transportation and Technology. It offers unique research opportunities and credible degrees across different fields.

One of the greatest advantages of the school is its teaching model. It combines various hands-on training methods with a decent focus on the sciences. Every program provides future aviation leaders with advanced Aviation and Aerospace Management knowledge.

Ohio State University

The College of Engineering’s Center for Aviation Studies belongs to Ohio State University. It is also recognized as one of the best aviation schools in the world. This college is partnered with lots of industry-specific organizations. Thus, it supplies highly qualified cadre to them ensuring its graduates land good jobs.


It offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs to students who can also add a professional pilot specialization to any major. This specialization gives them a right to subsequently apply for the Commercial Pilot’s Certificate.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Another leading US aviation school offers a wide range of degree programs for working students. Its curriculum is flexible and maximizes the efficiency of learning for adults. Moreover, the school’s training is advanced and up-to-date. It involves the latest technologies and occurs across various platforms (including distance learning).

Students may also attend non-degree courses to improve their qualifications for promotion. The teaching is characterized as fundamental and advanced by the world’s best aviation companies.

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

This academy offers the best combination of high-quality coursework and excellent flying instruction. Given a wide aviation history of England, this place is the best to study for prospective aviation specialists.

Moreover, Oxford Aviation Academy has a wide network of connections in different countries. Its fleet counts 170 aircraft that makes it possible to train around 2,000 cadets yearly.

Newcastle College

This British college offers two types of degrees to students looking for a career in Aviation. These three-year programs cover all of the requirements set forth by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Students attending the Newcastle College courses can build a foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in the Aviation industry. The diplomas of this educational institution are recognized worldwide.

Academie Aeronautique (Academy of Aeronautics of Canada)

This Canadian Aviation school issues the most respected and recognized pilot licenses. Specialists holding these licenses can work in any country in the world bound by ICAO agreements.

This school offers one of the most advanced and fastest pilot trainings. It enables students to get flying experience on the world’s best training machines as well as in real life. At the same time, studying in Canada is cost-effective for many students coming from the US and Europe.

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

This Canadian school has its own Aerospace Technology Campus (ATC). It specializes in preparing highly qualified aircraft maintenance specialists. Thanks to a profound professional exposure to aircraft in the Vancouver International Airport, students graduate with hands-on expertise. They are absolutely ready to work under zero supervision.

The school also offers commercial pilot training and airport operations. This training is for those who want to expand their skills. Graduates with certificates can land the job in the world’s best airlines.

Canadian Aviation College

The school offers an Accelerated Professional Pilot program. It allows students to become industry-ready in 12 to 18 months. Graduates are allowed to expand their expertise with other licenses and endorsements.

This college provides comprehensive flight training. Trainees fly over the most complex infrastructure objects and landscapes to become highly qualified pilots. The school also offers a one-year flight attendant training.

Final Words

There are many more schools that did not make it to this list but are equally reputable. Many other American, European, Australian, and Canadian colleges can also provide superior instruction and knowledge in aviation. There are also excellent aeronautic educational institutions in Asia.

Thus, when it comes to studying, the best advice is to look for schools abroad as well as domestic ones. In some cases, education in another country may be seen as a reasonable or even more cost-effective investment in your future career.

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