NEWS: CSA Czech Airlines will fly to Edinburgh twice on a Tuesday and Saturday from 3 Czech airpots on 1 A319

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The airline next month will increase its UK network coverage to Edinburgh, flights that will link Prague, Lodz and Rzeszow.

The one A319 will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays will fly from

Prague to Lodz to Edinburgh to Rzeszow to Edinburgh to Lodz to Prague

Prague to Lodz to Edinburgh
departs Prague 0625, arrives to Lodz at 0730 departs at 0800, arrives Edinburgh at 0930

Edinburgh to Rzeszow
departs Edinburgh at 1010 and arrives Rzeszow at 1410

Rzeszow to Edinburgh
departs Rzeszow at 1450 and arrives back to Edinburgh at 1645

Edinburgh to Lodz to Prague
departs Edinburgh at 1725, arrives to Lodz at 2055 departs at 2130, arrives Prague at 2230.

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