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ALERT Danish fighter jets scrambled to intercept Russian Tu-95 bomber over Baltic sea

Danish fighter jets were scrambled to escort a Russian bomber over the Baltic Sea amid growing intercepts by NATO planes.

The Danish air force posted a video to its Facebook page yesterday showing two of its F-16 fighters tailing the Russian Tu-95 bomber over international waters near the island of Bornholm.

NATO fighter jets based at the Baltic Air Policing mission in Estonia and Lithuania have been scrambled three times over the past week to intercept Russian military planes in international airspace, the Baltic New Network reports.

Denmark and other NATO allies have endured a tense relationship with Russia since the annexation of Ukraine in 2014, which the American-backed military alliance objected to.

The Baltic region is set to host major military exercises backed by both Moscow and Washington over next month.

Moscow is scheduled to hold mass drills alongside ally Belarus while neutral Sweden will join NATO forces practicing military maneouvres.

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