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Last two British Airways Boeing 747-400s to leave London Heathrow

British Airways is planning to to wave goodbye to its final two Heathrow based 747 aircraft.

Earlier this year British Airways announced that it had brought forward the retirement of its fleet of 747-400’s as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our airline and the aviation sector.


LIVESTREAM FROM Kemble for G-CIVB arrival

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  • UPDATE Last crew to pilot a Boeing 747-400 from London Heathrow.
  • UPDATE Captain Al Bridger who will be at the controls of G-CIVY.
  • UPDATE ilots have arrived at the aircraft, currently going through security checks.
  • UPDATE Green light for British Airways last two 747s retirement. The crew completed pre-flight briefing.

The airline is due to wave goodbye to its final two Heathrow based 747 aircraft. British Airways currently has a small number still at its engineering facility in Wales, but this will be the last time a British Airways 747 departs from Heathrow.

The two 747-400s to leave Heathrow base are G-CIVB and G-CIVY.

The departure is largely dependent on weather but is planned for his Thursday (October 8), morning.


  • 07.40am – Aircraft start to push back
  • 08.15am – Engines power up
  • 08.35am – Aircraft take off
  • 08.50am – G-CIVY hopefully to circle back for a final fly past

Negus livery Boeing 747 is planned to take off on Runway 27R and Chatham Dockyard (current BA livery) on Runway 27L.
Westerly departure expected.

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