Aircraft engineer killed after being sucked into the engine of a Boeing 737

Sharad Ranabhat
1 Min Read

In a tragic accident on July 2nd at Chabahar Konarak Airport (ZBR) in Iran, a Varesh Airlines aircraft engineer lost his life while performing maintenance on a Boeing 737.

During maintenance activity near the running right engine, the engineer was suddenly sucked into the engine’s air intake and died.

The Boeing 737-500 with registration EP-VAF, which had arrived as flight VRH-5858 from Tehran Mehrabad to Chabahar, landed safely before the incident. The right engine (CFM56) was operational with cowlings open when the engineer entered a restricted area leading to the fatality.

Iranian authorities have launched a full investigation to determine the cause of the accident and how the engineer gained access to the restricted zone.

Adherence to safety protocols is paramount during aircraft maintenance, and investigators will likely focus on identifying any potential breaches in these procedures.

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