Swiss Air #LX8 Airbus A340 returned to Zurich after dumping fuel

Swiss Air flight #LX8 was forced to return to Zurich for an emergency landing.

Swiss Air flight #LX8 from Zurich to Chicago returned to Zurich.

The Airbus A340 entered holding pattern shortly after takeoff from Zurich Airport at 13.20.

Due to a technical issue, the 18-year A340 holding 17,000ft and dumped fuel South of Zurich in order to reduce the weight before an emergency landing.

The hydraulic pressure dropped after oil leakage.

Emergency service vehicles were on stand by, side of the runway. The flight returned 2 hours later and landed safely.

The aircraft (reg. HB-JMI) was met by EMS right on the runway.

After brakes inspection from firemen, the plane was towed back to gate.

The runway had to be cleaned due to the oil leakage.

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