Iran invites Ukraine, U.S. (Boeing) and France to participate in the investigation into the crash of Ukrainian flight #PS752 near Teheran

Iranian government expressed condolences to the bereaved families over the Ukrainian plane crash and issued a statement in this respect, government spokesman Ali Rabiei said.

The statement reads that a committee in charge of investigating the incident has been formed on the basis of regulations of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which will examine the incident transparent ally, precisely, quickly with the participation of all experts from relevant countries.

As per the international rules, aviation organization of the country wherein the incident occurred (Iran), aviation organization of the country issued qualification for the flight (Ukraine), owner of the plane (Ukraine), factory builder of the plane (Boeing) and factory builder of the engine of the plane (France) can take part in the investigation of the incident.

Ukraine representative is currently in Iran, the statement said, inviting Boeing to end representative to engage in examining black box.

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