Today at 14:53 LT, a Vietnam Airlines A321 from Ho Chi Minh City landed on wrong runway at Nha Trang Cam Ranh International Airport.

A total of 203 passengers were on board with 7 crew members including the US citizen captain, working for Vietnam Airlines since January 2018.

At the time of landing, the weather at Nha Trang Cam Ranh International Airport was good and the equipment system working nominally.

After the plane landed, all passengers and luggages were able to reach the airport terminal.

The aircraft landed on a runway under construction and not yet connected to the rest of the airport. It is not clear about the solution to bring the plane back to the airport.

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The Airbus A321 (registration VN-A613) suffered minor damages.


Immediately after the incident, the Authority of Cam Ranh International Airport coordinated collected information to serve the investigation.

Vietnam Airlines has suspended all flight crew members and all crews operating at Cam Ranh International Airport prior the investigation.

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