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BREAKING London Gatwick closed after drones spotted close to runway

London Gatwick is facing major disruption as arrivals and departures have been stopped Wednesday night due to drones flying over the airfield.

Police said they believed the actions were deliberate. More than 20 units and a helicopter are searching for the drone operators.

The airport expected to handle around 115,000 passengers, on Thursday.

Gatwick’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Woodroofe described one of the drones as a heavy industrial drone.

  • UPDATE 23 Flights have resumed at London Gatwick. Airfield movements were suspended while the military investigated.
  • UPDATE 22 Friday 17.30 UTC Once again, due to reports of a drone sighting, airfield operations are suspended.
  • UPDATE 21 Gatwick’s runway is now fully operational but the airport has to deal with delays and cancellations.
  • UPDATE 20 Runway closure extended until Friday 06.00UTC.
  • UPDATE 19 London Gatwick authorities are in touch with the army to deal with the drone issue.
  • UPDATE 18 Police sends snipers to shoot down drones at London Gatwick.
  • UPDATE 17 London Gatwick says runway remains closed till at least 16.00UTC.
  • UPDATE 16 Sussex Police says this a deliberate attempt to disrupt flights but there are no indications to suggest this is terror related.
  • UPDATE 15 Gatwick Airport’s Chief Operating Officer says a “large drone” is still operating over the airport.
  • UPDATE 14 Departures board at Gatwick North terminal.
  • UPDATE 13 Eurocontrol says London Gatwick is closed till 10.00UTC.
  • UPDATE 12 London Gatwick closed again since 03.45 following new reports of drones spotted near the airfield.
  • UPDATE 11 London Gatwick runway is open, operations to resume shortly.
  • UPDATE 10 After 6 hours, London Gatwick Airport runway is still closed.
  • UPDATE 9 Another reported sighting of a drone moments ago by railway staff working on the platforms of Gatwick Station.
  • UPDATE 8 Police helicopter is still currently flying over London Gatwick searching for the drones and pilots.
  • UPDATE 7 Possible drone flying over London Gatwick airfield

    The author Ed Wilde says there were two small red and green lights.

  • UPDATE 6 London Gatwick airport says investigation still in progress, waitting for reassurance that it is appropriate to re-open the runway.
  • UPDATE 5 Reports that drones are still being spotted over the airfield, confirmed by an easyJet captain.
  • UPDATE 4 Gatwick inbound flight diverted to Paris CDG is now being disembarked.
  • UPDATE 3 London Gatwick is confirming 2 drones flew over the airfield.
  • UPDATE 2 All inbound flights are diverting to London Luton, Stansted, Heathrow, Birmingham, Bristol, Southend, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Paris, Amsterdam…
  • UPDATE 1 Ground vehicles and a police helicopter are searching for the drone.


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