BREAKING A passenger has been injured after an ATR-72 aircraft was hit by a gunfire on landing

A Myanmar National Airlines MNA flight flying to Yangon was shot at on the landing of Loikko Airport on Friday morning, September 30, and a man was injured.

Flight UB 149 of Myanmar National Airlines MNA departing from Yangon was shot at as it prepared to runway 19 at Loikaw, Myanmar.

Three projectiles impacted the fuselage. The Military Council reported that a bullet hit the right cheek of one of the passengers as a result of the shooting.

After the ATR-72 (reg. XY-AML) was hit, the airline announced that flights to Loi Kor would be suspended indefinitely.

Locals also said that around 10 o’clock in the morning, they heard the sound of gunfire again in the vicinity of Loikko town.

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