Short summary of tomorrow forecast (by Eurocontrol):


Ryanair once again called on the European Commission to take action to prevent the strikes by French ATC unions, the 3rd time in 2 weeks and the 43rd time in 7 years.

According to the Irish low-cost, this latest ‘unjustified action’ shows that ‘a tiny French union’ can hold Europe’s single market (and open skies) to ransom thousands of flights from the UK are cancelled, and hundreds of thousands of passengers’ travel plans are disrupted.

Ryanair says that the European Commission’s failure to prevent ‘these repeated cancellations makes a mockery of the single European market’. Ryanair has repeatedly called upon the Commission to introduce measures to impact ATC strikes: to require French ATC unions to engage in binding arbitration and to allow Europe’s other ATCs to operate overflights over France while ATC unions are on strike.

The last French ATC strike, from March 20-22, caused more than 1,000 cancellations.

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